Dev Log 20150104

TC-11 1.x will soon be the ‘legacy’ version of the app, and from the inside it may as well be a different app entirely. I was trying to think of a single file that carried over into 2.0 untouched, and I don’t think there is one.

No where has this been more on my mind than the synth graph. TC-11 2.0 uses an entirely new connection system. The oscillators are higher resolution than before, there are new parameters for many of the audio objects, and the AHDSR, LFO, and Sequencers have been moved out of Pd and into Objective-C. Key filtering is out of the Sequencer and into the Oscillators / Filters (where they should have gone in the first place). The patch files themselves were completely re-written, and require a full conversion process to be updated for 2.0:

Ensuring the new app works and sounds the same as 1.x is essential. I’m sure some users out there have their one favorite user patch, and if it doesn’t sound the same in 2.0, that’s a critical failure. And until recently, the 1.x patches sounded completely different. Conversion wasn’t working. Sleep was lost.

After lots of code spelunking and reverse engineering (is it reverse engineering if you wrote the app in the first place?) the patches are sounding great – just like 1.x. Of course, they also have tons of new stuff to play with, which makes this whole thing worth it. I’m just glad to be mostly out of the woods.