Dev Log 20141121

The next update to TC-Data is done, and that means turning my attention back to TC-11. It looks like I’ll be pushing out a quick update just for 1.8.x Audiobus support for iOS 8. As a palate cleanser (post-testing monotony), I’m playing with camera brightness. Here are some thoughts about bringing a new sensor into …

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TC-Data released!

TC-Data is the latest iteration of my touch control research. The goal was to unlock the touch screen controllers for generalized use. Although based on TC-11, the interface and backend of TC-Data was completely rewritten to be as lightweight as possible. This meant redesigning the engine that ran the controller generation so that the iPad …

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WWDC Pics and Update

WWDC has been incredible so far. Even waiting in line (not uncommon) means meeting tons of enthusiastic and friendly developers. The sessions have been fantastic. The upcoming API improvements are going to make things much easier, and there are some incredible new technologies I’ll be dropping into my apps. I’ve met with Apple engineers in …

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Heading to WWDC

Next week I’ll be heading out to the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. It looks to be an incredible opportunity to meet other developers, Apple engineers, and check out whatever new is announced. If you’d like to keep track of things, chances are I’ll be tweeting away (@BitShapeSoft).

TORCH: The TC-11 Orchestra

If your in the Milwaukee area, come join the new TC-11 ensemble and users group TORCH: the TC-11 Orchestra. The group is an outlet for compositions and performances that use TC-11, where players can bring patches for the group to perform together. It is a great opportunity to get out and play with other like-minded …

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NIME 2012 presentation of TC-11

A paper of mine detailing the design of TC-11 has been accepted into the New Interfaces for Musical Expression conference (NIME 2012). The conference will be held in Ann Arbor, MI, and I’ll be going to present and demo the instrument. Once the proceedings are online, I will link to the paper here (along with …

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Interview on the San Francisco Electronic Music Meetup Podcast

Chris Huelsbeck and Amy Lee, part of the San Francisco Electronic Music Meetup, have started a video podcast to discuss news, tools, and techniques for electronic musicians. The show is aimed at those who use new tools for electronic music production, including iOS apps and interfaces. Episode 1 features an in-depth interview about TC-11, its origins and future. …

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