Dev Log 20150201

MIDI sync in the TC apps: it’s been on the update list for a long time, which should give you hope if it’s on your wish list, but the bad news is that it won’t be in TC-11 2.0 right away. Beside the technical challenges (Michael Tyson has a fantastic video about this), it’s worth taking a look at the history of the Sequencer in TC-11.

The Sequencer module in TC-11 was not conceived as a tempo matching, clocked partner to external apps. Remember the dark ages before Audiobus? Yeah me either. But TC-11 was created back when iOS apps were single screen, single focus experiences. The Sequencer was never meant to communicate externally, and was actually based on the Arp 2500 Module 1027 Clocked Sequential Control:


I originally put the Sequencer in to generate three things: discrete controller data, note value / key filter control, and rhythmic data. The rate control was to be smooth (like the Arp), and it could be controlled globally or individually for each touch. So while it’s fully featured by itself, playing with others is something it’s not designed to do.

The silver lining is: MIDI sync will be a fantastic feature when it drops. It’ll just be a bit more time…