Recording Minor Vices: Misdemeanors

On July 13th Minor Vices got together to record Misdemeanors, a structured improvisation by Chris Burns. The 26 short movements of the piece set rules for the ensemble to follow while they play. In addition to being great music, excellent performances, and absolute fun, we got to break in new recording equipment and fully use …

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Trevor Saint + Alligator Char

Monday night (November 12), Trevor Saint will be performing at the UWM Recital Hall at 7:30 pm. The first half of the program is a set of works for solo glockenspiel, mostly with electronics — including works by Matthew Burtner, Jeff Herriott, and Eric Sheffield/Anna Weisling, as well as a performance of Chris Burns’ work …

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MINOR VICES – Performance at the Borg Ward

Next Wednesday Night, August 29, I’ll be joining some excellent musicians to perform music by Christopher Burns. The show will feature some heavy improvisation with formal instruction. We had a rehearsal last night, and all I can say is that the pieces are a blast to perform. The lineup: David Collins, sax Adam Murphy, clarinet …

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MiLO at the Sugar Maple – July 13

Tonight at the Sugar Maple MiLO will be performing a full set of improvisations. This time, the show will feature small sets of player ‘sub-groups.’ The mixture of sound sources and styles will be a sonic grab bag – come check it out! The lineup: Christopher Burns – electric guitar David Collins – saxophone, electronics …

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Performance at the Borg Ward – Saturday, May 19

This Saturday Seth Warren-Crow and I are performing at the Borg Ward Collective. It will be a night of electronic music, live video, tabla improvisation, and more. Seth and I will be joined by Trees Fall, the Milwaukee electronic music and video gurus. It should be a fantastic evening! The show starts at 8:00.

Short Improvisations (For Hands)

Seth Warren-Crow and I pair together the tabla and TC-11 to see just how similar the two musical interfaces are, in performance and sonority. These pieces were taken from an evening of exploring short-form improvisations. Three Short Improvisations (For Hands) Part I from Kevin Schlei on Vimeo. Three Short Improvisations (For Hands) Part II from …

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The Great Lakes Improvising Orchestra – December 18th

On December 18th I’ll be joining a new group of Milwaukee musicians in the debut performance of the Great Lakes Improvising Orchestra. The performance will include exciting improvisation, electronics, and acoustic performance. The show is at Woodland Patter, and starts at 2:00. The debut performance—an afternoon of open form collective improvisation—will include a cross-neighborhood gathering …

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